Housing Dataset Analysis with SQL

In this project I analyzed a Housing Dataset with SQL. 
This project involved importing a dataset from Excel to SQL Server and then cleaning and analyzing the data to identify trends and insights.

To begin, I standardized the date format, populated property address data, broke out the address into individual columns for the address, city, and state, changed the "Sold as Vacant" field to "Yes" and "No" instead of "Y" and "N", removed duplicates, and deleted unused columns

These cleaning steps were critical for preparing the data for analysis and ensuring the accuracy of the insights.


Once the data was cleaned, I used SQL queries and functions to analyze the data and identify patterns and trends. 

I then presented the results with PowerBi through charts and graphs, which allowed us to communicate our findings in an engaging and easy-to-understand format. 


All the files used for this project  can be found  Here