​EUR/USD Data Scraping & Analysis

In this project, we are using the Alpha Vantage API to retrieve daily foreign exchange (FX) rates between USD and EUR. It then converts the response data to a Pandas DataFrame and analyzes the currency trends by plotting the EUR/USD exchange rate over the past 3 months. 

Then we used a rolling window and moving average to predict the exchange rate for the next 30 days. 

The actual and predicted exchange rates are then plotted for the last 90 days and next 30 days.

Here, We Calculated the daily returns for the last 180 days  plotted over time.

Finally, We calculate the Short-term (50) and long-term (200) simple moving averages,  and used to create signals for buy and sell based on SMA crossover. The buy and sell signals are then visualized using different colors.


The Python code for this project can be found  Here