Sales Dataset Analysis with SQL

In this project we created an executive sales report for sales managers, 
So that they can track which customers buy the most and which products sell the most, and track sales over time against budget.

To create the necessary data model for doing analysis and building the report, We first extracted the necessary tables using SQL server.

Then we started the process of cleaning the data of each tabel, This involve:

-Selecting the necessary columns, rename some of them and joining tables.

-Change the "gender" field to "Male" and "Female" instead of "M" and "F".

- Removing duplicates, and deleting unused columns


Once the necessary tables were cleansed and prepared, We saved them as csv files and  imported them into Power Bi

We then Connected them and presented the results with PowerBi through charts and graphs

This allowed us to Build the requested dashboard in an engaging and easy-to-understand format. 


All the files used for this project  can be found  Here